Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We have lost the battle for Bill 13, but not the war

Legislative Assembly of Queen's Park
This has been a very difficult blog entry to write, but I feel in good conscience that I needed to do it. We have tried to fully support in many different ways every person and group that's worked hard to have the Liberals amend Bill 13. Sadly, we have not succeeded.  Bill 13 passed today unchanged by 65 votes in favor, and 36 against. But we must be realistic and admit that we knew there was a possibility that this would happen. So, now what should parents do in order to protect their children, defend the faith, the teaching of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and parental rights? We must keep in mind that we have the God given right not to follow the immoral and unjust sections of any law. We can become, like Gandhi and other people of faith, conscientious objectors. Life, free will and conscience are gifts created and given to us by God not the province. No human authority can legislate this out of existence. So, don't get discouraged because we are people of hope.

The suggestion to disobey may sound drastic to those of us who are used to respecting and obeying the law. However, when the premier of this province begins to take advice and aligns himself with gay activists while refusing to listen to the majority of the population, I believe the time has come to express our freedom of conscience. Nobody, no government, no school, no church and no law can take our God given right of freedom of thought and the liberty to live our faith. We should respectfully refuse to be bullied and let our thinking be controlled by people who wish to normalize the LGBT agenda (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered) and by politicians who worship political correctness.

The writers of Bill 13 showed little respect for the Bible, other cultural communities and those whose beliefs conflict with the legislation. As you may know, our premier and his party consulted the gay activists and Egale Canada, Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere, in drafting the legislation. On the Liberal website there's a video where McGuinty uses the expression "It Gets Better", a phrase borrowed from the American "It's Gets Better Project" to encourage those with a LGBT lifestyle. Why did McGuinty not truly consult and follow the wishes of the majority of parents? Why didn't the Liberals send this issue to a referendum, if they were so sure people of Ontario want Bill 13?

No Ontarian should be forced to obey a politically correct law like Bill 13.  People of faith and other beliefs now need to make a decision as to how they will respond to Bill 13. When politicians refuse to listen to citizens, when trustees turn away from defending the faith, when Catholic leaders will not lead until the eleventh hour, when the mainstream media will not fairly cover the issue, and when all else fails, then faithful parents and others must resort to the freedom to follow one's conscience and become a conscientious objector.

Nobody, especially a secular government, can force us to believe what we consider to be an immoral and unjust law. If the state tries to force the citizenry to believe in something through a law they do not accept, then the state becomes the bully and the tyrant. If a law is unjust, the faithful must decline to participate. And if I were still teaching in a Catholic classroom today, along with making sure the Liberals are soundly defeated in the next election, I would be a conscientious objector in order to fight Bill 13.

People of faith didn't choose this ideological war to promote the dictatorship of relativism everywhere. The Liberal government, the trustees and school officials have deceptively pushed this ethical blindness on the public agenda while refusing to truly consult and implement the will of the people. So, our other efforts have failed, but we all have this powerful last line of defence: We can refuse to follow this proposed immoral law. We can choose not to accept what our conscience tells us is wrong. I will defend the right of those who disagree with me to have the right to do so, but I will not give up my right to my freedom of conscience. I will gladly pray for my enemies, but I will not cease to say that I do not side with them on such issues as same-sex marriage, gay clubs in our schools, abortion, prostitution, pornography, legalized euthanasia, assisted-suicide and the socially constructed gender theory.

In the Vatican II document Gaudium Et Spes we find this useful guiding moral principle of conscience:  "In the depths of his conscience, man detects a law which he does not impose upon himself, but which holds him to obedience. Always summoning him to love good and avoid evil, the voice of conscience when necessary speaks to his heart: do this, shun that. For man has in his heart a law written by God; to obey it is the very dignity of man; according to it he will be judged. Conscience is the most secret core and sanctuary of a man."

The document goes on to say, “There he is alone with God, Whose voice echoes in his depths. In a wonderful manner conscience reveals that law which is fulfilled by love of God and neighbor. In fidelity to conscience, Christians are joined with the rest of men in the search for truth, and for the genuine solution to the numerous problems that arise in the life of individuals from social relationships. Hence the more right conscience holds sway, the more persons and groups turn aside from blind choice and strive to be guided by the objective norms of morality."

Finally, let's try to fight any law that discriminates against and violates our denominational rights in the courts. We have already seem that in the United States a number of law suits have been launched by Catholic organizations and universities against Obama’s new proposed health care plan. The reason: It mandates that all employers must provide insurance coverage for contraceptives, abortion and sterilizations for their employees. In Canada, we are reluctant to go to the courts. However, if the government of the day passes legislation, like Bill 13, that makes religious belief unlawful, then the time has come for people of faith to try to use the courts to fight back for our right not only for freedom of worship, but for the freedom to be part of the public square and help to build the Common Good. We cannot and must not, God willing, let 2,000 years of faith be undone by a mere 65 votes.

In Canada, you may make a contribution to The Parental Rights in Education Defence Fund to help the association use the courts to protect parental rights in Ontario schools. The outcome of this spiritual/cultural war on religious freedom and freedom of conscience will determine the future shape of Canadian society and the rest of most of the Western world. So, let's put all out trust in God, but at the same time, we must do whatever we can to protect our children by defending our right to religious freedom and to true denominational diversity.


  1. Thank you Lou for this.. As you said we lost the battle but not the war.

    Now it is time for the Militant Church to take action! How did the wall come down in Eastern Europe? Through planning, prayers, work, organization, and never ever giving in to the voice of the day -- to disobey God and conscience. 'The Wall did come down'.
    This invisible wall that McGuinty and partners have built and are trying to fence christians and others into .... wont hold us in ...and yes we will live civil disobedience as mcGuinty has decided he wants a Totalatarian Ontario...

    No way..

    We must take him to court and his pals..
    and contribute to the Parental Rights Fund as you mentioned..-- We tried to do this with respect, kindness, understanding, going the extra mile -- we were sincere and honest Canadians - McGuinty was not..

  2. Lou thank you for the tremendous coverage your blog has provided for the people of Ontario and across Canada. It should not have to surprise you the pro Bill 13 side won this round of the battle. They have the support of the global elites who own and control everything including the media. They are mocking God with bills like this including Bill 33. And you could be quite certain that God will not be mocked for too much longer.

    I can assure you that the day is comming in the very near future when a God of love and mercy will come as a just judge. God loves us so much that he is witholding his hand of judgement and punishment. This law will put the souls of these precious children at stake. Rest assured that those that are all behind this travesty will one day in the near future rue the day when they have to face this just judge with the coming of the Son of Man Jesus Christ. The day and the hour no man knows except God the Father.

    God has never lost a war. Just ask the Pharoah of Egypt when God destroyed the Pharoah's army while helping the Jewish people cross the Dead Sea. Those mocking God and his laws of life should all repent if they want to be eternally saved. May God have mercy on all their souls.

    Parents should consider home schooling their children. Perhaps they can even get retired teachers to homeschool children in groups. And remember do not vote Liberal or NDP ever again. And if McGuinty runs for the Federal Liberal Party Leaderhip in the near future don't suppot him at all. Under McGuinty's leadership Ontario has become a have not province for the first time ever. Just one more reason not to support this man ever again.

  3. Just like Michael Coren said, every single one of us is a product of a union between a sperm and an egg.. every single one of us (even the homosexuals or whatever they call it LGBTXYZ), with no exception!

    Why is it hard for for some people to accept that this is the ONLY normal relationship. McGuinty is starting a social re-engineering by first changing the term "normal" to God's most helpless people, the children.

    We have to take this issue to the next round. We have God (and the constitution) on our side, so we will definitely win.


  4. What civil disobedience can you take? Attendance in the GSAs is already voluntary. Nobody is making your kids attend these or participate in any manner. When nobody is forcing you do do anything, how can there be a violation of your religious rights?

    And the statement that the government ignored the majority of people is not supported by the facts. The majority of catholic teachers and students, the ones most impacted by bullying, are in favour of GSAs.

    And finally, the statement that Obama's health bill violates religious rights because it forces employers to provide insurance that covers contraception and abortion is a joke. All catholic boards in Ontario co-pay into OHIP and private health plans for all employees, and this coverage includes contraception and abortion.

  5. Lou,

    Thank you for your coverage of this highly controversial issue. Christians and people of faith who opposed Premier McGuinty's undemocratic bill with respect, deserved to be treated with respect, instead of this display of bullying.

    However, as you have pointed out, a bad law does not need to be followed if the parents feel that their rights have been trampled upon - there are alternatives.

    May God bless their efforts to stand up for the protection of their children, though the Premier will not.

    A groundswell needs to rise up throughout Canada to protect young children from an unhealthy behavior. I hope Canadians will have the courage to do this.

    Thank you again for your efforts.